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Dora, Tate, Manson, Penn & Teller, Fitzgerald

Thursday, October 27, 2005

When the Miki Dora book comes out, in spring 2006 I think, you’ll find out why I spent time yesterday googling “charles manson rap sheet” and “charles manson prison”. I knew the dangers and thought I was being careful but still I was caught short, like the drivers of trucks and SUVs who plunge headlong into an intersection after a flood, water flying off to the sides and up over their hoods, and, surprise!, find themselves not on the other side, but floating off in a whole 'nother direction. What on earth were we thinking?

In the 36 years since the Tate and LaBianca murders, on August 8 and 9, 1969 -- watching the trial coverage, reading the books, later watching the parole hearings, I’d never seen a picture of any of the victims – until today. Don’t go looking, you’ll never again think of Sharon Tate as a beautiful young woman with sunny blond hair, big brown eyes rimmed in charcoal liner and a great body. This in the 1960s, when the beautiful and famous exercised by stair-stepping into Hugh Hefner’s Grotto pool.

Miki Dora . . . Charles Manson . . . Sharon Tate . . . Parents of Murdered Children . . . . Murder Is Not Entertainment . . . Penn & Teller do the Death Penalty on “Bullshit!” . . . It's all there in my head, the details, the connections.

But who will care in this morning's light, when a ballsy man, Patrick Fitzgerald, special prosecutor, will tell the world what he has discovered during his two-year investigation into how closely the White House may have been involved in what may have been the illegal exposition of a woman who was at one time a CIA undercover operative. Word is that there will be sealed indictments, most likely meaning that lower level people will be indicted, with Rove and Cheney possibly named as unindicted co-conspirators, and the investigation will continue even though the grand jury will be dismissed on Friday. Toby won't have to resign.

Stay tuned.