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In the Air, Love and Smoke

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dol: Slashing the throat of your wife the mother of your children while they were upstairs asleep and an innocent bystander, lying about, trying to escape – or do you all think she deserved it?

Jeff: Happy New Year, Dol!

Thus began New Year’s Day, 1995, on the message board discussing the OJ Simpson trial that Court TV hosted on America Online, the same message board that, nearly 11 months later, introduced me to my husband ten years ago yesterday. In honor of the exciting 3,650-some-odd days that have followed that life-changing night at the Beverly Hills Tennis club, I received these. I don't know what the florist did with them, but the bouquet has perfumed the entire house, as if Francois Coty had knocked over a small Lalique bottle filled with La Rose Jacqueminot

Much of the Upper Left Edge is forest land and a good deal of that is owned by Weyerhaeuser. Last week the company put us on notice that it will be doing fall cleaning on its lands, which means burning underbrush, which means a hazy scrim across the sky. You can see it in this evening's picture.

The blog server is down but not out. I haven't been able to pull up this site all day, only the management part of it, and can only post short pieces. Yesterday's was cut in half and I haven't been able to finish the thought. More tomorrow, I hope. Thanks for stopping by -- if you can.