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Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm writing this at 5pm on Sunday "night" and I'm already thinking: Is it time to go to bed yet? It's dark, it's fall, I've eaten half a chocolate mousse birthday cake and a couple handfuls of locally harvested filberts -- I'm ready to hibernate.

The West Wing: Who knew it could get even more idealistic after Aaron Sorkin left? Watchers are now following the campaign of two worthy men, basically defined as an old pro-choice non-practicing Protestant Republican who opposes partial abortion and a young pro-choice practicing Catholic Democrat who believes life begins at conception. Smack dab therein supposedly lies the vast, unrepresented Majority of Americans -- and each candidate would rotate in that place, like the golden statue of Turkmenbashi, arms upraised to take in Every One, were it not for the machinations of the polticos, the PACs and the Party. Which is probably true, so long as no mention is made of foreign policy, economic policy, health care, trade, the environment, transportation, net pens, homeland security or any of a hundred other issues that the vast MoA contemplates. My husband said, "They haven't mentioned the death penalty." Sorry, dear: It's so much more pleasant for a TV candidate to stake out a position on killing life (fetuses) than on killing death (murderers).

Speaking of which, the husband finally started working on his own blog. He may type with two fingers but he fires on all synapses, and doesn't torture himself about it either. Whether he's writing about the death penalty or the latest TV movie, he's witty and smart and scathingly honest. I had a big crush on him from his writing months before I even saw a picture of him. Meeting him was the buttercream on the mousse. He'll never give you some lame excuse for not posting, like, just for example, that he spent all day training someone how to blog and now can't put a thought together that goes beyond "click here then here -- no, I meant here, not there; and you'll want to link that . . . ." Check it out.