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Lottery Fantasy: Sound TV

Friday, October 21, 2005

If I held the $340 million winning Powerball ticket that was drawn this week – oh, baby, IF ONLY -- I might be spending some time over the next few months thinking about the television channel I’d create, The Sound Channel. STV would have a few good anchors, each trained by Brian Lamb of C-SPAN. The anchors would provide a brief introduction to a story, just the facts, and then let the raw footage play out all by itself, from beginning to end. There would be no crawl and the chyron would have a simple identifier and date in a small, white, Arial font against a thin dark gray-line that leads to a transparent logo ear. Something like this:

This photo was taken by the local paper during the fire at Fort Clatsop National Monument, just down the road. Had there been an STV camera crew there, you'd have heard the snap-crack-pop of old-growth fir logs, the shush of thick wet hoses being pulled along the ground, the rhythmic click of the fire engine's lights and the deep hum of its motors.

During coverage of flooding in New Hampshire, on STV you’d hear the delicate ripple of river water against the canoe, the clonk of the oar hitting the pavement. In New Orleans, in the aftermath of Katrina, you would have heard the not-so-quiet desperation of the thousands of people sheltered in the Convention Center. You would NOT have heard Geraldo Rivera, late to the party so-to-speak, shrieking, “She’s gonna blow!”