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The Thinking Woman's
Sexiest Man Alive 2005

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Patrick J. Fitzgerald
Very Special Counsel

from Wikipedia:
"Fitzgerald is unmarried. Reports indicate that despite being universally seen as extremely competent, intelligent, and meticulous in his work, behing the scenes he is ironically messy, scatterbrained, and fun-loving. His desk and his office are kept in permanent disarray, with assistants discovering drawers stuffed with dirty socks. He once forgot to hook up gas to his apartment for several months, and also forgot a lasagna he had cooked in the oven for several months before finally rediscovering it there. He is known to work well past midnight often and to sleep in his office. He enjoys beer, basketball, and practical jokes. Once when a colleague was nervously waiting for an answer for a judge on a motion, Fitzgerald wrote and delivered a goof court opinion to the colleague. He tried for several months to adopt a cat, but was refused due to his work habit. He finally found a friend in Florida with a cat to give away and flew there from New York to pick up the cat."