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Hissing and Trickling

Friday, November 18, 2005

American Standard This is my task for the day.
No, I haven't developed a dooce problem.

It's this valve, which is -- what? stuck? broken? I dunno.
valve When we flush, the water comes up through this valve and its attachment thingamijig, into the tank and then refills the bowl. American Standard. Probably even works that way in France.

We've completely ignored this valve for the entire eight years we've lived with it, and earlier this week, demanding attention, it stapled its stomach, allowing only a little tiny trickle of water through to the tank, leaving us with two choices: an hour of pipe hissing and water trickling for the tank to refill on its own; or lean over, avoiding rubbing noses with the American Standard, and turn the valve off and then on again, which returns the water to its usual pressure -- for one flush only.

Today I explore the third option: FIX IT.