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In Which I Admit to Diana and Josh Et.Al.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Everyone, I mean each and every kind one of you who took the time to comment or call or email, said the American Standard's problem was on the inside. I took your advice and bought the bright blue guts. I took a few days to collect my thoughts, my tools, my turkey baster, my knee pads, a couple towels.
And today, at 12:00 high, I looked the Standard square on and decided it needed a new shutoff valve.

Four trips to the basement, one broken valve handle, a trip to that awful locally-owned Ace Hardware -- awful because all the guys who come in get a "Hey, how ya doin'" and a five minute chat, and the one clueless lady wandering around with an old wet part in her hand and muttering to herself gets ignored -- after all that and a middling flood that produced a shower in the basement, the Standard was found to need . . . new guts.

And so, I admit first to my mother and then to my husband, and then to

So, it works, it's wonderful, thank you thank you.