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LNG: Letter to Warrenton

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just faxed this letter to Warrenton. Now we await the flying pigs. :::::::

Dear Commissioners,

As residents of the small and interconnected Astoria-Warrenton community, we request the Commission deny the zoning and development code changes requested by Skipanon LLC/Calpine, and offer these comments.

A myriad of crucial, everyday issues associated with the construction and operation of a heavy industrial facility have yet to be properly addressed by Skipanon LLC (as noted by, among others, ODOT and DLCD) and, therefore, neither the Commission nor the public have had a reasonable and adequate opportunity for review and comment.

Again, we urge the Commission, at minimum, to provide additional time for proper assessment.


Cynthia Price
Joshua Marquis