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Sage Advice

Friday, November 25, 2005

I chose these stylish, comfortable, 1-1/2" heels:
Patrick writes that there was a little bit too much sage for him yesterday. I find it hard to have too much sage. It's not like dill or tarragon, where one tiny dried flake can make the difference between having Dill or Tarragon soup instead of Cauliflower or Chicken. But, to each his own.

The Shoalwater used its herbs and spices mostly well. I ordered the Traditional Turkey dinner, held the turkey and substituted both dressings -- traditional and cornbread. The traditional is better. It's more flavorful and has texture, with bits of celery and whatnot in the moist bread, while the cornbread is too far to the dry side and doesn't taste of anything but cornbread cooked with a bit of broth.

But I'll order the same next year, and ask if they'll hold the mashed potatoes, too, in exchange for an extra scoop of traditional. I'm not a vegetarian, but Thanksgiving dinner is all about the dressing for me -- and apparently for everyone else. I've seen three or four polls asking "What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner" and most everyone answers "the dressing." I haven't seen a "turkey" answer yet.

We had champagne and saw a couple other friends, and chatted with the owner about his plans to open a restaurant in town next year, and though I'd really rather be together with family friends and family family all at once, in a commotion of pots and pans and smells and stories and saran wrap, there's something really swell about coming home to a clean house with nothing to do but put on my jammies and pick out a book.