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Send More Round Tuits, Please

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yes, I watched 73 hours of television in the 48 hours between last Friday afternoon and last Sunday afternoon, and I slept 8 hours each night and went for walks and made breakfast, lunch and dinner, and undertook various housekeeping tasks both in the house and on the computer, fed the cats and practiced WMD on their potential fleas, and I went out one night but I’ve forgotten for what. How did I do it? The magic of DVR.

But it’s not quite magic enough.

The last couple weeks I’ve been emailing (finally getting a round tuit) one of my dearest friends, who has worked in the Foreign Service of the State Department for the last decade or so. Her latest posting was at the American Embassy in Greece, which Josh and I thought we might be able to scrape up enough money to visit this year. After a few e-mails with the subject line “Yew-whoooo!”, hooray! a reply this morning:

Not sure if you got my last message, but my visa finally came through for Libya and so Q [the whining cat, rescued from Q Street, in DC, in 1987!] and I are blowing this dump at o dark am on thursday. Needless to say, after about 7 weeks’ wait, my desk is once again a candidate for superfund money, and I need to finagle a new health certificate for the cat, delete about 6000 emails, pack and clean the apt.

Yeee haw! Should truly be an excellent adventure, and I hear they make Qaddafi wristwatches, so now all I need is Lukashenko and Kim il-whatsiface and I'll be eligible for a free little dictator meal :)

What the hell kind of horrible correspondent am I? I missed the entire TWO-YEAR deployment to Athens, and now she’s off to Tripoli? No more TV for a month!