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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I haven't wrapped my head around much except a pillow since arriving Home Sweet Home late yesterday afternoon.

Josh has a lead OpEd in the Los Angeles Times today, on Tookie Williams. Josh's title was "Karma Comes Around For Tookie," much better than the editor's choice for a number of reasons, including most particularly that it relates to the specific reasons why this specific murderer deserves to be executed by the state. The Times headline makes it sound as if all murderers should be executed and not, as Josh strongly believes and advocates, only the worst of the worst.

The one man that four separate juries, including three for which Josh presided as prosecutor, have determined merits the death penalty has gotten his latest case to the Supreme Court. The issue is whether alibi testimony that was not presented during any of the four trials could have been presented in the fourth sentencing phase (which, in Oregon, is like a separate trial only to determine the sentence, after guilt has already been decided). The Supremes will hear the case on Tuesday, with Josh in the exalted courtroom, hopefully seated directly behind the State's table.

Meanwhile, the Oregonian is publishing a five-part series on Guzek's cold-blooded murder of Terrebonne, Oregon residents Rod and Lois Hauser, in 1987. Steve Duin's first installment begins today. The Bend Bulletin also carries a story today, by Cindy Powers.