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How do I spell relief?

Monday, December 12, 2005

A couple weeks before Thanksgiving, for no reason at all, I lost my taste for animal products of all sorts, except for milk, eggs and fish. I didn't see the banned PETA commercial and think America should pardon the turkey. I didn't stop cooking meat for Josh or start curling my lip in disgust when he orders his usual steak-n-eggs at Steve & Edie's. Apparently the beef-poultry-pork taste buds share space with the alcohol buds because they turned off too and, Thanksgiving dinner excepted (when I shared a bottle of champagne with two friends), I've had a only couple glasses of Lake Country Red, just to be sociable with my mom one evening in North Carolina.

And then there was last night. I couldn't say No to the latest in Uriah's series of Special Wine Dinners at the Columbian. Everyday fare there is the best in Clatsopia. Last night, a five course feast: Antipasto of olives, meats, home-marinated mushrooms and three flavor-full cheeses -- one with a black line delineating the morning milking from the evening milking. Salad of local greens, organic wild rice, currants, Satsuma oranges, and three slices of chicken smoked in the pizza oven. A heavenly cabbage and onion soup served french onion style. My gut rebelled and I spent most of the homemade mango sorbet intermezzo studying the floor in the panther-patterned ladies' room. Main course: three medium-thin cool slices of rolled pork loin stuffed with cornbread, currants and other delights, served with a poached pear, drizzled with a spicy au jus of jalapeno and something or other. Dessert: manchego cheese dipped in dark semi-sweet chocolate and rolled in nuts and heaven, served with a slice or two of some sort of qunce jel. Five wines, beginning with a primativo (a Zinfandel grape), ending with an amarello (?) and followed by a port.

Followed by half a bottle of Pepto Bismol and, so far, 12 Ibuprofen.

Don't cry for me, I loved almost every minute of it and highly recommend giving the gift of a memorable champagne meal for Valentine's Day, the next scheduled dinner.