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LNG: The Money Followed

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Nothing like a lovely night on the town for greeting old friends, solving mysteries, and gathering the odd bit of information.

To wit: In a blessedly short conversation about Calpine held in the cozy den of a hilltop home, I was told that #10 Sixth Street holds the contract to provide housing to the workers who would build the LNG facility. Ah hah! Also that neither the port nor the City of Warrenton believes the LNG facility will ever be built because Bradwood looks like a cinch and Calpine is belly up. However, the rezoning is important and will go through because what they really want is another, safer, marine facility that would take advantage of the 38 feet of water directly off the Skipanon Peninsula.

Other topics of interest: the joys of a radio in the bathroom; the high entertainment value offered by nightclub drag queens; the need for a California-style car wash facility in Clatsop County; the great gift bags at AVA Gallery; the return of Darren Orange from Santa Fe; and how sitting on the floor for years while you collect pieces is better than decorating your house all at once from Rooms To Go or even by Dudley Designer.