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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Queen of the VFW says she never, ever served me an uncooked livermush sandwich. That she has always sliced the livermush thinly and fried it very well done, and served it on white bread with French's mustard. That my father preferred it that way too and would have said, "What the hell is this?" and made a terrible face that would have infuriated her and giggled us girls if it had been served thick and cold. When I said Mama Richie, the woman who kept me and two or three other children after school and during the summer when I was in the second and third grades, served thick, cold livermush sandwiches with mayonnaise for lunch and snacks and such several times a week, the Queen of the VFW said, "Hmm." Her days of listening to me complain about my childhood are so over.

Scott Reuter over at Burning Corn has been very busy, with many new posts over the last couple days. His pro-LNG slogan contest is still on, so get your entries in.