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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Welcome to the first day of winter, on tap to be 10 degrees warmer than the penultimate day of fall. I mention that the rains have returned only to salve the concerns of the PETA crowd, who complained that I was gleefully shocking the cats by rubbing them during the dry spell and generating enough static electricity to power the Dell. Well, it WAS fun to see them jump. And the bright blue sparks were so festive.

Saddam Hussein is back in the courtroom and Court TV is carrying the trial live. It's a tough watch. The substance is sickening and the style is incongruous. In Baghdad, the defendants wear ill-fitting shirts and suits, and/or checkered kaffiyas that look as if they were plopped on their head just before entering the court. Everyone struggles, among other things against fear of reprisals, to do their job: the judge, the prosecutors, the witnesses, the translators. I don't know anything about Arabic: Are there really 17 Arabic words for one English word? Back in the shiny Court TV studios, Rikkidikkido Kleiman reigns with her faaaaabulously spangly LA makeover and her barely-concealed cynicism and projection of the conceit that the proceedings in the television studio are more real -- more authentic -- than those in the Baghdad courtroom. Here's the wrap-up to her segment:

GUEST: "We superimposed this, with all due respect, on the Iraqi government. That this would be allowed in any other civilized nation shocks my conscience. Witnesses can be brought in her are anonymous. Anonymous witnesses are a horror that we should not condone."

RIKKIDIKKIDO: "Your reaction is often shared by many who watch this process. Come back any time, I love to see you. Thank you so much."

Let's send Rikkidikkido and her guest to Sunnistan as a special Christmas present to learn the true meaning of "horror".

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