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Grass Roots People, Chocolate Cities, and the Delicate Folks of Louisville

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Shameless Promotion of New Blog" is the entirety of an email I got this morning from local commentator Patrick McGee. Patrick doesn't mince words, so his are worth reading if you're interested in Astoria's fishy back room. Visit the site -- Grass Roots People -- and then beg him to change to black-on-white. I won't use up precious cones and rods trying to decipher white-on-black and I really want to read his blog.

The more the merrier in the Blogmobile. I'm mostly just popping up now and again from its sunroof, and I have the usual derelict reasons why I'm not writing more here. But mostly it's because I'm writing more There, which was the point of this anyway, really.

And speaking of mincing words, have you read about the lies told by the Courier-Journal out of Louisville, Kentucky? They decided their delicate readers would be too upset to read Ray Nagin's "chocolate city" comment -- 12 or 24 hours after they'd heard it a hundred times on the TV -- so their editor got out his red pen and made the AP copy read: "Nagin also promised that New Orleans will be rebuilt and again will be 'a majority African American city.'" The editor even put the lie in quotes, as if Nagin actually said it.

Ombudsman Pam Platt explains that: "Yes, we edit wire stories for length, for space, for clarity, for accuracy and sometimes for taste. This particular edit did not meet those criteria."

This particular edit. Among untold others. I'm so glad James Lileks brought this to my attention. I've got a couple pen pals in Kentucky and I didn't realize they were so tender, so sheltered, so . . . freaked out because their paper of record not only spins, it censors and outright lies.

I don't know why I continue to be shocked.

UPDATE 30 minutes later: Patrick's already changed his blog template, so take your eyeballs on over. Thanks, Pat!