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Some Dreams Do Come True

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I've been dreaming of living in Venice, Italy, surrounded by water and sinking, slowly, through the millenia; and of living in California and driving, slowly, through the milieu; and of living in Florida and snorkeling, slowly, through the mmm-mm-mmm deliciously warm waters.

And during the day I've been deciding: black rain boots or pink?

But complaining about the rain is like grumbling that your husband is not a handy man. You can do it, but you can't do anything about it, and you're certainly not going to leave because of it.

Two great things, dreams that have come true, the second for locals only.

FIRST: The Coast Community Radio website is LIVE! Have a look and a listen at a remarkable resource in the Upper Left Edge. Four of the many pages are maintained by the almost angelically patient people at Public Interactive, who provide national news and arts web content. There's a glitch with those pages: if you try to link to a local page from one of them, you get a broken link. So just go back to the Home page and link up from there. Then JOIN UP and support this treasure.

SECOND: Today, from 1 to 5pm, at the Holiday Inn Express -- those of you who have only experienced HIE's near freeways have no idea how lovely this one is, smack dab on the river and right under the bridge, with stunning views from walls of windows -- from 1 to 5, nine nationally-renowned artists from San Diego to Vancouver, BC will present their vision of an artwork to be placed somewhere along the Riverwalk. If you have only a small time to spare, come at least for an hour. Their boards and mockups will move to the AVA Gallery (10th, between Marine and the River) this evening, for a fine celebration including an exhibit of new work by Tim Peitsch.

Come on down!