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Shrimps: On a Clear Day You Can Cry Forever

Monday, February 20, 2006

Rare clear skies reported in Southern California yesterday. Josh's sister Annie, walking her dogs in the wash by her house in Claremont, near the foot of Mt. Baldy, could see the ocean (40 miles) and on to Catalina Island (26 miles across the sea, as the Four Preps sang.)
1: Pico and Pippi

2. going for a walk

3. Annie's beloved wash

4. Wheee!

(pictures from May 2004)

I'm glad I wasn't there. That one beautiful day would have wiped all memory of smog, traffic, outrageous housing prices, earthquakes!, environmental devastation in favor of stucco, astonishing pretentiousness among all but a few, and the magic of Astoria that's real. My longings for warmth and sun and the nearness of friends, family and pop culture would burst into tears and I would, like Mount St. Helens since October 10, 2004, be "in a constant eruptive state." Which would be gobs of fun for everybody, especially Josh, who's been known to call me a marketer's dream.

UPDATE 12:53pm: Ray, visiting his mother in Palos Verdes, California, emailed yesterday: "just beautiful in LA right now. NO smog! At breakfast in Seal beach we could easily see Catalina Is. and mountains to the east." And now he's sent pictures from today's trip to Balboa Island, along with a note "today the smog has come in and we can see some snow of the tops of mts but the lower parts are in reddish haze." I should be in such a haze.

(Top: on Balboa Island, looking over to a blue Catalina lolling under the clouds. Can you tell it's winter? See the bare deciduous trees on the right. Took me years to understand that deciduousness depends more on the absence of light than on the presence of cold. Middle: another shot slightly north to a low blue Catalina Island. Bottom: Like any other beach town, in the winter you can have the Prom all to yourself.)