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Home Again Home Again

Sunday, March 26, 2006

This time of year Charlotte is like a billowy polka-dot dress, something June Cleaver would've worn while making The Boys a sandwich, form-fitting to the waist and then yards and yards of skirt, the background a soft taupe, the color of tree trunks, the big dots of soft pinks and off-whites, the colors of cherry and apple blossoms, and vibrant magenta and violet red, the colors of redbuds. A feast for the eyes.
But Astoria! It is thick rolling carpet of blues and grays and every color of green, woven with bronze and pewter threads, over which pass brilliant orange and blue ships spotlight by a ray of the sun, swooping white seagulls and coasting dark eagles, and small green-and-white boats like Popeye captained.

I am welcomed home.