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Thursday, May 18, 2006

I made a commitment to many people to follow the County Budget process. There are two long meetings, today and tomorrow. I'll be there and I'll report on them. The DA is requesting four new positions in order to service the third judge that begins in January 2007. The County Manager has already announced, in an "emergency" Department Head meeting yesterday, that he'll find the money for the new positions by cutting the Volunteer Coordinator, the Public Information Officer, drug treatment beds, WIC support, Maternal and Child Health Support, Parks, etc. etc.

I've got another idea.

Loosen the noose of the Long-Term Financial Plan from around our necks, or at least be honest about the numbers. The LTFP says that the amount of timber monies it will put into the general fund will be lowest of the last 15 years of timber revenues. Turns out the lowest of the last 15 years was exactly 15 years ago LAST YEAR, and it was an abnormally low year, being around $650,000. The year before that, timber revenues were over $1,000,000, and the year after that was over $900,000.

The lowest of the last 15 years of timber monies is now over $900,000 -- more than enough to cover the direct services requested by the District Attorney.

Will Clatsop County never move forward in time?