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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Looking through some pictures last night, housecleaning the computer, I came across this view of the Upper Left Edge over the back of the regal Alex, taken on January 9, 2004. Notice the white rooftops.

It's leftover SNOW from three days before, the morning of January 6. Here's the intrepid Josh, scraping off the overhauled poe-leece car, determined to slide down the hill to the courthouse on time.
Dedicated Public Servant

Here's a view up the street, to the west, after a truck rigged with a plow went by.

dedicated public servant

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Saturday and On Into the Night

Monday, January 16, 2006

As I wrote yesterday to the people who made it happen, The Riverwalk Project presentations on Saturday were one of the Top Three Most Inspiring Events I have witnessed in The Upper Left Edge, and I say three just in case I've forgotten something, which I usually have.

Why? The quality and creativity of the art, the thoughtful intelligence of the artists, their unique ways of expressing the details of their visions, the sheer volume of world-renowned artists from Los Angeles to Vancounver, B.C. in this one place.

The attendance by the Mayor, the City Manager, the Development Director and all the many people in the profit and non-profit world who are responsible for protecting and strengthening the Upper Left Edge, for upholding its history and creating its future -- for HOURS, even through the Seahawks game.

The perfection of the setting: the RiverView Rooms of the Holiday Inn Express, and the cordiality and accommodation of the highly professional Holiday Inn Express staff. No kidding -- the Holiday Inn Express! I thought I was at the Four Seasons in Georgetown.

I'll be posting the presentations on the Astoria Visual Arts website this week.

Attention all ye who feel trapped or perhaps safe in a small, wet burg: NOT!

Well, except for the wet part. (12 inches so far this month, compared to a normal of 10 for the full month, and less than 3 last year.) In fact, pardon me, the skies have opened and I sense a small water feature forming in the basement . . .