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The Mouse & the Trip

Friday, July 28, 2006

Since returning from North Carolina mid-month, I've been making this. You can't even get to the page that's taken this whole week -- the online pledge page -- because I'm still not finished with the behind-the-web gory details. I'm sustained by the great eye of some very talented photographers. But my right arm is mostly numb from sitting on the mouse all day. What am I doing wrong?

Josh and I tend toward languor in the heat, and to monotonous languor in humid heat, but we could imagine living in the Keys for all the months with an "r" in their name. This is one of my favorite pictures of Josh, taken on that part of the old Seven-Mile Bridge that connects Marathon with Pigeon Key. It's a 2.2 mile walk to Pigeon, and this is on the way back to Marathon, another mile to go in an afternoon that had turned very still.

The picture speaks to the idea of a purposeful journey, which gives meaning to the destination as well as to the trip. Here's an example: You're visiting south Florida and you want to see the Everglades. For a regular journey you'd hop in the car and drive around, stop for an air-boat ride, a canoe tour and a burger at this joint.

A purposeful journey would do all that on the way to, say, the Fakahatchee Strand, because you read "The Orchid Thief" and you want to find the Ghost Blocks.

The journey, the purposefulness, the picture are all especially poignant on our 10th anniversary, celebrated yesterday. It's been a trip, and I hope we have a long way to go.