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Corporate radio STILL sucks!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This Friday, August 18, Coast Community Radio begins its Summer Pledge Drive. Thoughtful listeners become members of KMUN-KTCB-KCPB every day, but during this ten-day period we broadcast special programming and thank-you gifts in an all-out aural extravaganza designed especially for you by our expert and entertaining cadre of volunteer programmers.

The feds have cut funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides about about a third of our annual dollars. Not a lot -- we'll receive about $5,000 less this year than last -- but the CPB has also tacked on a requirement that stations of our size received AT LEAST $200,000 is non-federally funded sources or we'll lose ANOTHER $25,000. Now that's A WHOLE HEAPING LOT. Your membership dollars, donations of an extra $10 or $20 here and there, attendance at our special events -- and don't forget those challenge grants of $500 or more! -- they all combine to meet and surpass that magic number of $200,000.

Corporate radio STILL sucks, and it's everywhere! Be a force for local voices and local choices. Join us beginning Friday. Join us today.