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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My position is straightforward: I'm for openness, full participation and competency in government.

Openness: Conducting the county's business in open sessions. Making clear all conflicts of interest. Advocating for the use of our government channel to broadcast all County meetings. Using the Internet, the newspapers, our broadcast media and town halls to communicate the work of the Commission and actively promote citizen comment and participation.

Full participation: Attending and actively participating: in the commissions to which one is assigned; in the political, economic and cultural events of interest to the diverse range of community members; and with regional, state and federal agencies so that Clatsop County is a player at the table.

Competency: Using the information gathered through openness and participation to make balanced decisions that are best for the County's residents, without regard to special or personal interests.

The joint meeting held last night by the Astoria Planning Commission and the Historic Landmarks Commission, including Todd Scott and Rosemary Johnson of Community Development, was a fine example of good government. Let's get the County to engage us in the same way.